I created this site in order to empower people to remove themselves from a bad situation and move toward the life they want.  This really applies to all people, but I will be using myself as the prime example.

A little about me:

I once thought I had found my prince and the life I wanted to live.  Eleven years, one failed marriage, and a ton of debt later, I realized that I married the frog pretending to be a prince.  I was in a terrible situation and felt really miserable, and just plain stuck.  I wanted out, but was scared to be on my own.  I also didn’t think there was anything out there for me.  Because I believed the frog when he told me I would never find another prince.  I believed him when he told me that I wasn’t lovable, and wasn’t what anyone would want.

For a while.

Then, what I realized is that he was projecting his own insecurities on to me.  I also realized that senior frog was perfectly happy and would never leave the lily pad.  So, I had to do what any self saving princess would do.  I got the hell out of there.  It was really hard, and it took everything I had and a great friend kidnapping me and holding an intervention.  That friend also asked me to move in with her and her daughter, in order to get me out of the situation.

I owe her a lot.  She got me out, but I kept me out.  No one believed that I would stay away.  But, I did.  I left on New Year’s Day, and I never went back.  Ten months later, we were legally divorced.  A year later, I sit creating this site.

I won’t be talking too much more about the frog, as he doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of being a topic of conversation.  I will, however, talk about my life AFTER divorce.  What do you do when the glass slipper breaks?  When Happily Ever After turns into a nightmare and you finally wake up.  Follow me as I explore a new life and as I create my own Happily Ever After.

*If you would like to read more about my divorce story, please check out: It’s not ME, It’s YOU: A Divorce Story