It’s time for a facelift and a change!

Hey there! What… you’re still here? I know, I know… it has been forever since I have taken to the blog. I have been crazy busy working on my podcast, Nerdy Bitches Podcast, and we just hit our 100th episode LIVE at Comicpalooza 2018! Crazy!!

I have decided to take this website in a different direction, so that will require me to do some updating to the site itself and to some of the content. Good news is that there will be MORE content coming than just my own person rambling, so stay tuned!!

In the meantime, you can keep up with me on Twitter @SelfSavPrincess, or follow the podcast @NerdyBitchesPod.

See you soon!

About ElizabethBlessitt

Writer. Photographer. Organization Development guru. Rabid Scrapbooker. Partially terrified singer. Getting fit physically and emotionally. Will kick your ass at Jeopardy. Does Sudoku and Crosswords in pen.
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