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A Day that will Live in Infamy…

A year ago today, I felt like crap.  That wasn’t really anything out of the norm for me.  After spending three years in and out of the hospital without much hope for feeling better permanently, I had gotten used to … Continue reading

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Time vs. Healing

Someone once said that time heals all wounds.  Whoever said this was a sucker. Anyone who has ever been wounded, physically or emotionally, would tell you this isn’t exactly true.  Let’s look at this physically.  If you get a big … Continue reading

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Under the Wire

Rather than writing today, I spent most of the day editing someone else’s work. My business partner Misty and I are working on a new project where she is going to be the case study for recently single gals to … Continue reading

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Procrastination Nation

Ah, procrastination.  That giant word that becomes the bane of my existence.  I am a total procrastinator.  Not out of choice, really.  Every personality test I have ever taken in life (and I have taken a lot, being a Psychologist … Continue reading

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