So, I’m not going to post about the new project just yet…

But it will be Nerdy, Bitchy, and just plain Awesome!  I am super excited to collaborate with another nerdy bitch to make some awesome things happen!

More news coming soon…

I know.  Teasers are so mean, right?  Guess you will just have to keep tuning in!


In the meantime… what are you favorite nerdy things?  Movies?  Books?  Activities?  I need some comments this time, folks.  And not via bookface, m’kay?  Tell me what you love or hate about the current state of nerd culture.

Fucking hipster wanna bees need not apply 😉

So comment, bitches!

Self Saving Princess Bitchfest Wednesday, Writing

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  1. I’ve been a proud nerd my whole life! However, I’m more of an Aaron-Sorkin-dialogue/Downton Abbey/Book Club style nerd, instead of a fantasy/sci-fi nerd (although I make an exception for all things Harry Potter). I feel like the term has been co-opted by Cosplay types the last few years, and I feel like an outsider.


    1. I think there are all kind of nerds out there. I personally crossover into several nerd genres just because of what my parents were into, or what I grew up around. I love books, Harry Potter, video games, sci-fi and fantasy, comic book movies (I never read actual comics unless they were printed in the paper), etc. I just want to punch the fakey-hipster-nerds in their ironic Abercrombie ripped jeans and stupid beanie hats.

  2. JoMarie has a good point. Can’t we be nerds without making a codpiece out of ductape?

    Bitchy and Nerdy are two adjectives that I know well. Good to combine them once and a while.

    1. A duct tape codpiece sounds like the world’s worst waxing job. I will not be signing up for that nonsense. Ever. I don’t deny anyone the ability to make a fantastic costume and play dress up, but I can be perfectly comfortable in the nerd world without doing that. I will, though, happily dawn my “My Patronus is an Ewok” shirt any time, any place.

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