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The Feels! Yuck!

Over the past month or so, I have been incredibly productive. None of that earns me any money, but I feel good about getting things done. As most of you know, before this blog, I wrote for over a year … Continue reading

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Jumping in Feet First

Last week was a real struggle for me.  I had some health problems and landed (again) in the hospital for the better part of the week.  But this past week was also significant because it was the last week of … Continue reading

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Happy Healthy New Year

Normally, at the beginning or ending of a new year, I like to do a little recap of that year.  This year, I have decided to spare my readers from reliving the angst.  Because this year is about getting better … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Think?

One of the things they didn’t tell me in Princess School was how many different hats you have to wear when you make the decision to save yourself. There is no longer that person who takes care of things like … Continue reading

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