I was reading Facebook posts the other day and came across one from my friend, Tiffany.  It said, “Make each day a party dress day.”  I started to really think about that and fell in love with the concept.

Think back to when you were little, and there were parties around every corner. 
Birthdays were never in short supply, when you go to the same school for 12 years.  At some point in your life, you are friends with everyone.  At least I was.  I went from group to group and could blend in like a chameleon.  This meant tons of birthday parties and the much coveted party dress.

You remember it.  It was THE dress.  You couldn’t wait to put it on, because a party dress day was ALWAYS a good day.  Even to this day, I have never slipped into a pretty dress and NOT had a good day.  I think it is so much more than the dress, though.  It is what the dress represents.  The party dress represents the anticipation of great things to come.  Whether it be the cake, the presents, the cute boys, or just getting to see your friends outside of school, we knew these were going to be great days.

Attitude is an interesting topic, and one that I lecture about professionally quite a bit.  Attitude is contagious – for good or for evil.  Think about it.  You walk into the office in the morning, having a pretty good day, and you run into the office grump.  Right away, Mr. Grump starts in on how shitty life is, and how you should be miserable too.  I mean he doesn’t use those words, but he sucks the soul straight out of your eye sockets.  You are left feeling dejected, miserable, and in “sick day pajamas.”  Now you just want to crawl in bed and drink orange juice from a crazy straw.  But, when you are having a bad day and someone gives you there smile – that can quickly transform a bad day into a great one.  Or at least a moderately tolerable one.

So, remember, you have the ability (and responsibility) to choose your attitude every day and decide how you want to see the world AND be seen by the world.  Make it a good one, and you will once again be twirling in that party dress in front of Mom’s full-length mirror.

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