Boobs McGee

Today was an eventful day for me. I spent several hours in mental health daycare during the day, and then took a little trip over to see my 3 year old niece, Madison. I promised her I would bring her Valentine’s Day gift over. After visiting with my sister and niece for a while (who loved her ‘prise), I went to meet up with my friend Misty for dinner at my favorite Mongolian BBQ place.

While I was driving down there, I was staring off into space (as you do in rush hour traffic) when something caught my attention from the corner of my eye. There was a half naked (or she might have been fully naked for all I know) bimbo hanging out of a truck window from the waist up, covering her boobs and screaming like a Woo girl. [A woo girl is the name my guy friends have given to the girls at parties who do stupid things like this, and scream “WOOOOOO!” all night long]

Really, lady?? I must have given her a terrible “You are batshit crazy” look, because she dove back into the truck pretty quickly. I’m hoping that this maneuver was the result of a dare or a bet. I would hate to think that this lady just enjoyed doing this.

Couple of things – First, it was like 49 degrees outside at the time. Sorry, but no double-dog-dare is going to get me to expose my girls in that kind of weather. I like my girls as they are and wouldn’t want to lose any bits to frostbite, or roadrash, had bimbo fallen out of the truck. I would almost have paid to see that. Almost…

Second, this isn’t Mardis Gras! I have no beads to throw you, stupid girl. I guess I could have chucked a paint can at her from the back seat of my car, or pelted her with half empty water bottles (yes, I need to clean out my car). But that seems like littering and I am sure I would be forced to pay some kind of fine and explain to a cop that I was distracted by boobs on the freeway, and let’s face it… no one wants to go through that.

So, instead, I settled on bleaching my eyeballs and writing a blog post. If you are reading this, mad flasher, I would like those 30 second of my life back, please.

I managed to make it to dinner with Misty without any other incident, but I just might never be the same. Someone get that bimbo a party dress!!

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3 Responses to Boobs McGee

  1. Todd Jordan says:

    Hey, more women need to show off their…Um. Nevermind.
    Yes. I don’t understand some folks either. Dare perhaps? Or she might be a woohoo girl.

    I remember some of those ladies from when I was younger. Of course, I might be known to do something crazy now and then and if I had tatas to show off, who knows.
    Todd Jordan recently posted..Twitter- Network or Podium

  2. HeatherHLP says:

    I have a feeling that ladies life is going to be filled with similar proud moments.

  3. Misty Baker says:

    It made for interesting dinner conversation. It’s still funny.

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