This is a phrase I use with my 3 year old niece all the time.  So much so, that she has started quoting it back to me!  Cute, I know.

A lot has been going on in my princessdom of Liztopia in the last few months.  I started a photography business on the side to make a passion into a profit.  I have been working with a great friend to put my love for my consulting into a medium I can really sink my teeth into.  I have been to therapy a few times, because everyone should go.  If you think you don’t need it… you probably need it more than anyone 😉

I started to make a comment to Yoda that “everything is falling into place,” but I had to stop myself.  Things are not falling into place at all.  I am actively putting them in place.  I think it is important to own your hard work, rather than throw it all up for the stars to be in perfect alignment.  It is not by accident, but by design, that these things are coming together.

And it can be scary as hell!

But do it anyway.  That is the real truth behind success.  Successful people were scared, like you and me, but they did it anyway.  And I am terrified.  But I am more terrified about what will or will not happen if I continue to set back and let life take it’s own course.  I am way too much of a control freak to just sit back and let things happen.  It is time to MAKE them happen.  So, I will do it scared.  I will keep pushing, even when things get hard, because it is what has to happen.  There are no rewards in life without risk.  And BIG rewards require big risks.

Are you working through your fear to find your reward?  I am.  I will continue to blog along this journey, as I think it is an important one.

And I could fail.  But what if I don’t?  Success can be scarier than failure.  But I am ready to face that fear as well.

Don’t follow your dreams – Chase them! ~ Richard Dumb

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