So, if you are a long time reader of my blogs, you will know that I HATE moving.  Unfortunately, I seem to do it about once a year.  Last year, my roommate gave me about 7 days notice that she was buying a house and that I would need to find somewhere else to live.  At the time, I had only been dating the knight for a month or two and wasn’t about to move in with someone that quickly.

So, I got myself and adorable little 1 bedroom apartment super close to work and all the action.  I moved into the same complex that houses my bestest friend, Jeff.  It was a really great set up.  For a while.

If you read my stuff, you probably know about my happily humping upstairs neighbors and their inability to do it quietly or at least at a reasonable hour.  I also had the summer pool parties that would keep me up at all hours.  But, that was just the price of living the dream.

Now that the knight and I are engaged, it only makes sense that we consolidate our living arrangements.  Let’s face it, since my big breakdown in October, I haven’t spent a single night in that apartment.  I tried getting out of my lease early, to no avail.  But, now, my lease is up at the end of March and it is time to move.

And moving is a giant, fuzzy pain in the ass.

Let’s start with the fact that I got sick again.  Twice.  Maybe even three times.  Which takes me out of the running for packing queen of the year.  God Bless the knight and his little rusty-red heart – yesterday he made 3 trips over there, hauling back whatever he could.  I tried my best to organize what he brought in, before the bed overtook me again.  I love him.

So, now I have a week to get the rest of my stuff out, get the place cleaned (which won’t be hard since it is already damn near spotless), and get it out of my name.

It will be really nice to have all my things under one roof again.  Our poor apartment here is already bursting at the seams, so hopefully we will be able to consolidate a lot of our shit.  Right now, we are Goodwill’s biggest donors.  Anything we can’t use is going to them.  Oh, we tried selling shit on Craigslist, but I would rather be attacked by angry mafia hookers than deal with some of those people… who probably are angry mafia hookers. [shrugs]

So, that is my task for the week.  Trying to cram 10 lbs worth of sugar into a 5 lb bag, so to speak.  May God have mercy on our souls.

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