So, I am totally a dog person.  Nothing (much) against cats, but they just aren’t for me.  Oh, I had several in college because it is MUCH easier to sneak a cat into an apartment than a dog.  But, given the choice, I will choose the dog.

The Knight and I now have one baby together.  She has four legs and a tail.  Her name?  Lucy van Pelt, of course.  I decided to get the dog for the knight as my Christmas present this year.  We went to the Houston SPCA and there she was… front and center!  Such a sweet face.  We fell in love with her immediately.  The best part?  She looks like a puppy, but is actually two years old… so she will always look like a puppy!


Lucy van Pelt


So, we bring dear Lucy home, after she was spayed, of course, and she is a lot skittish (or as my three-year old niece says, “She’s just a little skinnish”) around both myself and the knight.  Like she wouldn’t get near us.  I had to trick her into the study to get a collar or leash on her at first.  But, eventually, she figured out who was boss.

Then, I though seriously about changing her name to Shadow, because she followed me everywhere!  I couldn’t pee without the dog bursting through the door.  I love you, but sheesh! A little privacy, m’kay?  One thing she did NOT do, though, was follow the knight.  We found out upon adopting her that she had been previously seized for cruelty.  It became very clear that she was abused by a male, because she was having no part of the knight.  I was really heartbroken, because she was supposed to be HIS Christmas present.

But, with a heart of pure gold, the knight still loves her from afar.  We took her out-of-town with us a month or so ago, only to learn that some dogs get carsick. A lot. *shudder*  But, like a true OCD Daddy’s Girl, she attempted to clean up her mess herself, using one of her clean potty pads, which was just too adorable for words.  And slightly nauseating.

Now, I will tell you that NORMALLY, Lucy is the best dog there is.  She is quiet, cute, doesn’t destroy anything, and hits the potty pad nearly every time (if she misses, she clearly had at least 2 feet on the mat).  After our trip out-of-town, and her socialization with my cousin’s dogs, now she barks.  A lot.  At weird noises. At neighbors walking by.  At the knight.  She usually barks while hiding under the bed.  But, she is still adorable.

As you know, I am in the middle of moving from my apartment (no dogs allowed) to the knight’s castle.  Apparently, this chaos has really thrown poor Lucy for a loop.  She started acting all loco the other day… barking, tearing up her potty pads… she even peed on the bed!  Totally not like her (thank GOD that bed is history as of Saturday!).  She was even barking attitude at me, which never happens.

Then, the next day?  Totally back to her laid-back self.  Such an odd change.  So, now I am waiting for her to steal my identity and start shopping for Marie Osmond’s creepy little dolls on HSN or QVC or whatever.

I’ve got my eye on you, Missy.

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