Ok, first things first – A little housekeeping:

Congratulations to Juanita, who was the most creative person to comment on my blog. In fact, she was the ONLY person to comment. So, she wins the art print! Juanita – Take a look at my art prints on Facebook and let me know which one you would like. The rest of you – you totally just let her have it 🙂

Now, on to new business (can you tell I facilitate a lot of meetings? hehe).

There really is nothing better than a road trip to ease a troubled soul. There is just something about hitting the open road with some snacks and some tunes and your favorite people. The Knight and I decided to come see his parents this weekend, and we will all be attending a jousting competition that the Knight’s brother will be entering. No, that wasn’t a euphemism… he really is a professional jouster! I am hoping to get some awesome pictures out of the weekend. After the tournament tomorrow, we will hit up an art show tomorrow and then head to Austin for the evening. I miss living in this area. Maybe one day…

Anyway, back to the road trip… I don’t know about you, but P and I have some standard road snacks and music. We always seem to get a bag of Cheetos, Doritos, and Combos. I don’t know how we ended up with the Combos, but P just decided to get some one time, and they stuck. The Cheetos and Doritos, of course, are made with the recently discovered element of “Cheesium”, or so I am told 😉 I don’t care if they are laced with crack… they are awesome.

Today, I got to drive most of the way. Mostly because P was running on 3 hours sleep and I didn’t feel like getting wrapped around a tree. But I love to drive. Not my car, of course. Betty Lou is a tank, but she has seen better days. She still has more pick up than more of her contemporary partners, but whatev. So, I’m driving along and there is some douchebag in a company truck literally trying to slow down traffic. I wasn’t sure at first, but after 20 miles of him hogging the passing lane, I am no longer willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The sick thing is that he had one of those “How’s my driving” stickers on the back. I wish I could say that I called, but I didn’t. Next time, I will. I hate people like that.

But the road trip was completely uneventful until we literally pulled into P’s mother’s driveway… where he proceeded to get a flat tire. Not a little flat tire, either. Stupid flat. Oh well… at least we were already here. Good thing for lifetime tire repair clauses!

What I love about coming up to the Hill Country is the wildlife. Fortunately, you find more alive than squished around these parts. We passed one house that had a herd of 15 deer milling around the front yard. I’m pretty sure they feed them. Last time we were here, I got some awesome shots of said deer. They are pretty much pansy domesticated deer. Kind of like stray dogs, but cuter.

We went out to one of my favorite BBQ joints – The Salt Lick. This place is amazing and has been showcased on Food Network several times. I wish they were paying me to advertise for them, but, alas, they are not (though you TOALLY could, Salt Lick… just sayin’). The food is great… the atmosphere is awesome… and it is right in the middle of some beautiful Hill Country territory. If you are ever near Driftwood, Texas (don’t blink, because you will miss it), I highly recommend taking a trip over there.

Poor P is beat. I can already hear him snoring in the other room and it is just barely 9 pm. We are getting up early tomorrow, which is literally one my least favorite things to do. Especially on vacay, but unfortunately the jousting tournament is another 90 minute drive from here. Oh well, at least I am sure to get both a sausage on a stick and a sunburn. (My future mother-in-law has already provided me with SPF50 sunblock… Sadly, I will still burn.)

So, if you’re down, and troubled… and you need a helping hand (name that tune)… I highly recommend a therapeutic road trip with someone you like. Don’t take people you don’t like… because that would make it a sucktastic adventure. create a playlist of song you can’t help but dance to, and then hit the road. Life is a highway… and all that jazz.


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  1. Simon & Garfunkle! And combos kick ASS!!!! Mel & I used to eat them all the time at Eckards, (and a few bags of doritoes when may or may not have paid for).

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