We made it to the jousting tournament in plenty of time on Friday morning.  We got to see P’s brother before they started the skills tests.  I have never thought too much about jousting or the athleticism it takes, but these guys (and girls!!) were tough!  It was really very fascinating.  I will post up some pictures later (they are still hiding in my camera).

There was a break for lunch between the skills test and the first round of jousting competition.  Unlike most fairs, there was only one truck selling food.  You would imagine typical fair food, like hot dogs, corn dogs, funnel cake, etc.  Except this truck had plain nachos, fajita nachos, and fajita tacos.  :p

P, his mom, and I all got nachos.  They were not the best tasting nachos on Earth, but you pay $6 for a plate, you eat them.  We watched the first round of jousting (again, fascinating – especially the horsemanship).  and I started to fade.  I figured that it was just from the sun, but I was really tired.  I convinced everyone that it was time to go before the next round started.

By the time we made it home (about 90 minutes later), I was REALLY tired.  And feeling sick to my stomach.  So was P’s mom.  She and I each went to lay down while P and his Step-dad went to replace the flat tire we got upon pulling into the driveway.  When the guys got back, they asked us what we wanted to do about dinner, so we sent them on their way and stayed home.  I was siiiiiick at this point.  Culprit?  Nachos.  P, his mom, and I all ended up with a terrible tummy ache.  But, me being me, it goes to a whole new level of hell.

Let’s just say we had to cut the trip short and keep a trash bag in the car at all times.  Blah.

I ended up in the ER Sunday night, and then again on Tuesday night.  I’m pretty sure I have already written about the 3-ring circus that is the ER.  Fortunately, I was able to get in and be seen rather quickly.  Two days in the hospital later, and I am finally back at home.

Lesson learned:  No fair foods!!!

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