Ok, so you know how in life there are things you swear you will never do?  Mine is play Dungeons & Dragons.  I may or may not have played once in high school, but it is high school.  Totally doesn’t count as a life experience.  Mostly because I have blocked most of high school and its misery from my mind.

So, when I started dating P, I knew he was a geek.  And I love that, because I am a geek too.  I’m a big fan of geek-related things like Lord of the Rings, slogan t’s, and smart humor.  Oh, I am a sucker for smart humor.  *swoon*  What I did NOT know was that 8 short months later, P and his opera colleagues would decide it was time to dust off the D20 and start an ongoing D&D game.

I was invited to play, since some of the spouses were also going to play.  I politely declined… because… well… somethings in life are a little too geeky, even for me.  One might go so far as to call it nerdy… or even dorky.  *gasp*  Over the coming months, I was asked repeatedly to join Shadow Company, and over and over I politely declined, stating, “It’s never going to happen.”

But I love my geek, and I want to support him in every way possible… just shy of playing D&D.  So, I decided I would go to one of the games with him.  I was NOT going to play, but instead took my laptop and a photo shoot that I needed to edit.  I will say that the first game I went to was hilarious.  Rob, the Dungeon Master (DM), really did a great job of coming up with a clever story with hysterical places such as “Bloodbath and Beyond” and “Turn your head and quaff”.  So I got a good chuckle or two.  Still, not going to play.

The second game I went to, my laptop was not playing nice and I was out of photos to edit.  So, I took my iPad and figured that I could keep myself entertained.  Y’all, the only thing worse that playing D&D is watching people play D&D.  OMG I was really ready to stab myself in the eye with a shrimp fork.  I would have, too, if we had been eating shrimp.  Needless to say, by the time the 6 hour game ended, I had exhausted all the battery life in the iPad and was still bored.  I enjoy listening to the group banter back and forth.  I’m a snark, so I totally love that kind of stuff.  But, when you aren’t playing, there isn’t much to contribute.

So, the last time I was hospitalized, P was asking me again if I would like to play during their next game.  So, I said yes.  Please be aware that I was completely high on pain killers when he asked.  That is the only reasoning I can come up with for agreeing to play.

P and Rob got to work building me a character.  I told them I would only play if I could make fun of things.  So, they made me a Bard.  Heh.

We ended up playing (me for the first time) a few weeks ago.  As much as I hate to admit it… and I will deny when Salinas is around… I had a great time.  It was a more fun to play and get in on the snarky banter.  So, my Bard, whose name I have already forgotten, will probably play again.  Someday…

Maybe there will be pain killers.

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