Ok, so we all know how a great day is supposed to start.  Laying around in bed until you are too hungry to stay there anymore.  Heading out to lunch with your sweetie.  Running errands.  Then off to a BBQ.  Ah, summer.  You fickle bitch.

This was apparently not in my cards this morning.  I did the laying-around-until-hungry part.  But as we were getting dressed for the lunch-with-sweetie part, I made the mistake of, you guessed it, walking harmlessly across the living room floor.

Apparently, this jaunt on the wild side was just a little too much for my body to handle.  I got an intense shooting pain in my lower back, on the left side.  Like searing, cramping, horrible pain.  Sell-your-own-mother-for-a-Vicodin kind of pain.  As I howled in agony, P yelled for the dog to stop scratching me, as this is usually the source of my pain.  But, as I started swearing like a drunken sailor, I think he realized it was a little different.

My back was out.  Dammit!

We did the lunch part, but as I shuffled along like a little old lady, I realized that standing around at a BBQ probably wasn’t in the cards for me.  Shit.  I hate to miss a BBQ.  I’m a Texan, after all.  If there’s one thing we love, it’s BBQ.  And guns.  But mostly BBQ.

So, instead of a fun BBQ with P’s opera buddies, I was laid up on the couch watching movies with the dog.  A Twilight marathon on Blu-Ray, actually.  Because vampires are better than rapture and zombies.  Good times.  Not.  Pffffft to my stupid back.

It is starting to loosen up a little now, so hopefully it will regain its former glory by tomorrow.  Or at least by Monday.  [sigh]

Thank God for delivery pizza.  Oh, and for that lack of rapture business.  Though I was looking forward to my debt being wiped out.  Oh well.

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