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Naked, Afraid, and Soon-to-be Utterly Alone

Ok, I’m not literally naked, because my dad lives with us and that is completely horrifying, but I am exposing my soul completely in the upcoming series of blog posts. As you know if you have ever met me or … Continue reading

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Thankful and stuff

Alright, so somehow, November has snuck up on me again. I say it every year, but time is flying by at warp speed, and it drives me a little nuts. September punched me in the throat a bit, when I … Continue reading

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Holy Space Balls, Batman!!

I have some crazy talented friends in my circle of influence. One of those, my dear friend Ofelia, has been helping out designing some t-shirt ideas for my podcast, Nerdy Bitches (available on iTunes, if you have been living under … Continue reading

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But You Don’t LOOK Sick…

Oh, how many times I have heard this.  “You don’t look sick.”  I have heard it from friends, family, bosses, doctors, nurses, and random other assholes.  But I am sick, and I have been for a long time.  When I … Continue reading

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Time vs. Healing

Someone once said that time heals all wounds.  Whoever said this was a sucker. Anyone who has ever been wounded, physically or emotionally, would tell you this isn’t exactly true.  Let’s look at this physically.  If you get a big … Continue reading

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Procrastination Nation

Ah, procrastination.  That giant word that becomes the bane of my existence.  I am a total procrastinator.  Not out of choice, really.  Every personality test I have ever taken in life (and I have taken a lot, being a Psychologist … Continue reading

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Ah, I have to admit, I have been wanting to use that line for a while – much like Admiral Ackbar before me.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, you are clearly not a Girl Geek, like … Continue reading

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Happy Healthy New Year

Normally, at the beginning or ending of a new year, I like to do a little recap of that year.  This year, I have decided to spare my readers from reliving the angst.  Because this year is about getting better … Continue reading

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