Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you believe this is a real holiday or one made up by the greeting card companies, you have to love Valentine’s Day.  Especially for the candy.  Which, tomorrow, will be 70% off.  That’s a good deal.

This is my second Valentine’s with the knight.  Last year’s didn’t go so well, as I got sick half way through lunch and felt like roasted ass the rest of the day.  This year was better.  I couldn’t wait to give him my gift this morning.  He just finished up opera season, and has been incredible sore and tired… so I got him a gift card for a massage.  Woot!  He love it!  He got me the entire content of the James Avery catalog… or close to it!  I got an awesome butterfly pendant, and 3 charms – The Frog Prince, a camera, and a butterfly.

We made reservations a few days ago to have dinner at a nice Italian restaurant downtown.  The first thing I noticed was a saxophone player rocking some pretty ridiculous easy listening music.  But whatever… how bad can a sax be?  Answer? Bad.  What was worse was the lounge singer that came up to sing with him.  Oh. My. God.  Seriously.  The guy was terrible.  He was super pitchy, dawg.  Not to mention he really didn’t know the words to the songs he was singing, so there were a lot of parts he just mumbled through.  I think my ears are still bleeding.

But, we had a lovely dinner.  Complete with awwwwwwesome desserts (creme brulee for me, chocolate chip cheesecake for him.  Then we had a nice drive through the city and came back home to our SUPER EXCITED to see us puppy.  Now we are kicking back to watch a movie and head to bed early.

So, for those of you who actually hate Valentine’s Day… Quit your bitching and have some candy!  Seriously… shut it.

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  1. Lovely! We stayed in – had steamed artichokes, filet mignon, baked sweet potato, and chocolate lava cake accompanied by an old vine zinfandel. Tres yum, and quite romantical. In bed by nine -~hubba hubba~ . 😉

  2. I think it is funny when people go on a high horse about hating Valentine’s day. “Oh we don’t need a day to show our love blah blah”…. well neither do we but I do love presents 🙂

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