So, I mentioned the move.  What I didn’t mention was Lucy.  She has been having some problems lately with her behavior.  Super clingy, always super pissed when we leave, etc.  But this really takes the cake.

On moving day, I had planned for Lucy to have a little quiet time in her crate.  One, to keep her out of the way and from running out the door, but also to keep her from going insane with strange men in the apartment.  Let me explain – Lucy is a shelter dog.  She was seized by the Houston SPCA for cruelty.  We don’t know any of the particulars, other than she had a massive gash across her nose in her shelter pictures.  How anyone could hurt this animal is beyond me.

So, anyway, I am getting ready to put Lucy in her crate, when the knight, thinking it more humane, announced that we should just leave her in the study with her bed and potty pads.  I didn’t think this was the best idea, but he insisted, so I went with it.

Fast forward 3 hours.  I got home from the old apartment feeling like shit and just wanting to crawl into my bed and die.  Or hide.  Or whatever.  I was sick… give me a break.  But, trying to play the gracious host, I sat out of the couch with the guys (my best friend, the knight’s brother and good friend) and talked for a little while.  One of the guys asked where Lucy was.  I had forgotten all about her.  Oops.

I walked back to the study door and knew I was not going to like what I found on the other side.  In the hallway, I could see little shreds of carpet.  Not a good sign.  I opened the door and that little stinker had clawed up the door AND the carpet, through the carpet pad, and down to the cement.  UUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!  My first thought is, “He is going to have a stroke when he sees this.”

I basically told Lucy that her daddy was sure to send her back to the pound, and that I wished her well.  I also sent a text to the knight to warn him of what he would see when he got home.  To my utter shock (and to the guys’ shock as well), he was totally cool.  He said he took responsibility because it was his idea.  He also noted, on the good news side, that she did, in fact, use the potty pads.  LOL

He makes me laugh.

So, Lucy is still a little out of sorts with all the moving, unpacking, and arranging that has been going on for the past few weeks.  Hopefully things will die down enough for her to get comfortable again soon.

As for the carpet… let’s just say we aren’t getting our security deposit back!  Oh well.

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