Yesterday, I decided it was time to implement a new segment on this blog.  I’m calling it “Bitchfest Wednesday”.  That’s right, ladies and gents, a whole day dedicated to letting off the steam of your week and screaming at some douchebags.  This allows us to express the negative stuff and then go on happily with our lives.  While the douches will be forever immortalized in this blog 😀

I meant to start this yesterday, but some stupid shit came up at the last-minute and irritated me too much to write.  Which was unfortunate, as part of my job yesterday was to write.  Anyway…

So here are my gripes from yesterday.  PLEASE respond in comments (remember, some of you told me you would contribute!!) with your own complaints.

  • Alright, a-holes… When driving on the Ship Channel bridge, it is best NOT to blow past someone already over the speed limit, while whipping in and out of traffic.  This ain’t the Dukes of Hazzard, folks.  That’s a damn long drop.  Plus, you look like an asshole.
  • Dear Escalade-who-cut-me-off: You, too, sir, are an asshole. Not to mention my car is 18 years old and built like a tank.  I don’t mind running up your ass.  My insurance costs practically nothing!  (Can you see a trend? I hate traffic)
  • Yellow lights.  I ran nearly every yellow light possible yesterday because they just pop out of nowhere.  I swear I totally lucked out that I didn’t end up with a ticket… especially with the last light I ran being in front of a cop.  Who turned my direction. And proceeded to follow me for 3 miles.  Stress!!  I swear I didn’t mean to run it!!  The roads were too slick to safely stop!  Yeah… that’s why…
  • Let’s talk about time vs. quality.  Things that are fast are rarely good, and awesomeness is rarely quick.  Pick one.  You can’t have both.
  • Fruit flies.  Enough said.

Pretty sure that if I write anymore, no one will ever speak to me again. Heh.

So, now I am on to Yoga Thursday.  Peace and love, happy bunnies and plentiful comments.  Again, best comment by Saturday gets a prize.  Namaste, bitches. 🙂

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  1. I vote for the nameless Microsoft tech who deleted our ENTIRE PRINTER DATABASE because he thought he could bring it back when he needed it. (He couldn’t.) Result: twenty people unable to print for six hours. Add it up, genius.

  2. My contribution…
    1. My son plays little league baseball …parents on either team should not boo or bad mouth the other teams players or coaching staff – Poor Sportsmanship. You should be teaching your kids a better lesson.
    2. I choose not to be involved in your petty departmental battle…I am sick of it and am not choosing sides.. Well yes I am – My Side! to stay uninvolved from this point forward.

    thank you for listening and I hope to have more to contribute to next Wednesday’s Bitchfest.

  3. I know that this is for bitchfest Wednesday, but all in all Wednesday was an ok day… BUT since this was POSTED today… Thursday. I will bitch about TODAY! HIGHWAY 6 can suck it!!! AND SUCK IT HARD! closed lanes, streets tore up, broken stop lights! RAIN!! What does all this mean? F____IN TRAFFIC for miles with IDIOTS behind the wheel… Ahhhhhh…. thanks for letting me vent on Bitchfest Wednesday on Thursday 🙂

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