Welcome back, my lovelies!

I hope you have all had a fantastic week, but if not… you have come to the right place.

Probably my biggest gripe from the last week came into play the other day when I was helping my sister clean her house to get it ready to go on the market.  She had a friend over helping her work in the yard.  I love this girl like another sister, but unfortunately she had to bring her two youngest kiddos with her.  The problem is that it is REALLY hard to do yard work with a 15 month old and a 3-year-old in tow.

I have this problem a lot – Being a person who has no kids, and being naturally good with kids, I somehow become the unofficial babysitter.  And this sweet little girl spent 2 hours screaming her head off.  Well, not the whole 2 hours.  She was fine until someone else would pass through the room.  Then you would think someone was beating her to death.

Now, I have a high tolerance for kids, but I was at my limit.  Finally, her mom came back inside and she was just happy as a lark.  Both my brother-in-law and I were a little (read: a lot) twitchy.  I have never been so happy to get the hell out of somewhere as I was that night.  Too bad I don’t drink!

So, that was my big bitch for the week.  Whatcha got?

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  1. My bitchfest is right in my backyard! Literally! In my neighborhood I expecct to have some normalcy. Our backyard neighbor wakes up at 4 am, goes to his backyard, which backs up to our backyard, and has his emphysema couch attacks. Plus he lets his 4 big aggressive dogs out who attack each other and yelp. EVERY DAY!!! We have a tomato plant that is very fruitful. I went out tonight to harvest our tomatos, and one or more dogs were trying to break the fence down to attack me. We have a hole in the fence, which one of the stupid dogs put his nose through. I was so angry I punched the shit out of it! He ran off yelping, I did too! I love animals. I am seriously an animal person. I hate these dogs. WORST NEIGHBORS! WORST DOGS!

    1. Mandy! Those dogs sound like assholes! Along with their owner.
      The dogs also seem awfully angry. Are you sure their eggs haven’t been stolen by some asshole pigs?
      Also, on a side note, I find it a little ironic that the bacon is stealing the eggs.

  2. I love this day…. a day I can come and vent about shit that pisses me off! And again it is about drivers! I take my daughter to school every morning, I am not a morning person AT ALL, so doing this for her shows my undying LOVE for her! lol My bitch is… I HATE, I REALLY HATE! when people do not drive the speed limit in a SCHOOL ZONE! I am sorry if YOU are in a school ZONE… SLOW THE FUCK DOWN! Pisses me off to NO end… every day there is a MORON driving through the school ZONE over the SPEED limit… and let me not forget to mention that once I get to the light at the major intersection pass the school zone there is a sign that states the way the traffic should flow .. it is easy … you can turn to the right go straight, or turn to the left… you have a lane for each… WELL the MORONS over here think that the middle lane that is meant to go straight can be used to turn left WHEN EVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT! Probably the same MORONS that speed in a school zone! I am so lucky I do not own a gun! I could rid the world of the DUMB ASS gene pool!

    1. Georgette – I spent all day riding around with my sister. I am just glad I made it home alive. I have never seen someone ride peoples ass and speed the way she does. It really sets my anxiety on edge! *shudder*

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