So, everybody knows there is a prep week day that goes into any new dieting plan.  Even a lifestyle change.  We know that we cannot possible be successful when we have things like tempting snack foods and high calorie sodas lying around.  My question to you is this – What do you do with the food?  My head always tells me to throw it out, and that I shouldn’t have bought it to begin with.  But somewhere in the back of my mind, there is a 93-year-old Great Depression survivor who is telling me how wasteful that would be.  I can usually shut her up with cookies, but since I am trying to eliminate the cookies…

Day Zero is usually the day when I put together my carefully thought out grocery list and make all the preparations to have nothing dangerous in the house.  Day Zero is also the day that I shine up my sneakers (so to speak) to get them ready to see some action (or at least the light of day).  Unfortunately, Day Zero has also always been a HUGE binge eating day for me.  Again, trying to get rid of all the crappy (but delicious) food in the house – has to go somewhere, right?  And then I feel terrible and sabotage the new diet’s success before I can even get started.

Fortunately, the only thing “bad” in my cabinets right now is a large box (mostly eaten) of Goldfish crackers.  Oh, and the hidden case of Thin Mints that I spread out throughout the year.  That reminds me… I never ate my May box!  Oh well.  I think I ate two in April.  *shrugs* I’m only human, and they are made of crack.

So, today is the day that I will diligently make the list of the diet friendly foods we love to eat.  We tend to stick to the South Beach Diet (or try to), since I am Diabetic and Dr. Hottie says that is the Bible for Diabetic eating.  I have a whole slew of SB friendly recipes that I like to cook, so I just need to make my list accordingly.  This weekend is also Father’s Day, so I will be cooking a special lunch for my Dad (also Diabetic) that I think he will love!

But unlike most Day Zeros, I will not be binge eating today. I might not be perfect, but I am going to do my best to set myself up for success, rather than failure.

Yesterday, I broke out my new running shoes and went for a walk.  Give me a break – it is already 100 degrees out there!  I also drug P to the swimming pool in our complex where we had a very relaxing afternoon.  I may even go again today to try to get a little color (as much as I can with SPF 50 on hehe).  I am also going to head up to the mall in a little while and do my first walking exercise with interval runs.  Yes, I am going to go running inside the mall… again… it is Texas and already hotter than hell.

Let’s see if a well planned Day Zero can lead to a successful Day One.

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*Update – Yes, it has come to my attention that Father’s Day isn’t until NEXT weekend.  Give me a break – I was in and out of the hospital for over a week.  Not to mention, I will take any opportunity to show my Dad that he is awesome.  🙂  Love you, Dad!

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  1. Way to go! I’m right there with ya. I had a pretty rotten breakdown last night. I went shopping and have gained three sizes. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been and the most out of shape I can recall. Here we go again.

    1. I know that feeling. I don’t know about you, but having someone totally love me for me, regardless of my size, is almost detrimental to my health. LOL But, it is time to get strong for me, so I can’t be complacent. I know things will pick back up for you too. I had the breakdown Monday, so I totally get it.

  2. You know I support your living in any way I can.

    First, sodas are nothing more that canned chemicals. Would you pour cleaning detergent down your throat? I hope not…

    Second, consider changing your thought process to understand things that are sweet are made with artificial sweeteners. Again, with the whole chemical thing.

    You and P are highly intelligent beings. Act like it! You two have a combined IQ that should deter you from consuming poison. Yeah, I said it…poison!!

    I love your cooking! If I could office from home and create awesome meals throughout the day, I would be ALL OVER IT!

    Use that creative genius you have and create symphonies of healthy meals. The bottom line is understanding how you process information and use that to your advantage and save your lives!

    I love you both!

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