These are words I have rarely ever uttered, and usually make me want to throat punch those who do.  But today, it actually happened to me.  Each time I realized that I had missed a meal time, I grabbed a small, healthy snack (a few walnuts and some yogurt) and moved on.  The only time this ever happens to me is when I am eating clean.

Today was my second day of clean eating.  Yesterday, I ate pretty much everything in sight.  Today, not so much.  I had errands to run, dogs to chase, and my new healthy living guide to outline.  So, around dinner time, I actually went ahead and cooked something delicious and healthy.

Red Beans & Brown Rice
Red Beans & Brown Rice


I also got around to adding names into my new support group mailing list.  It’s funny because I started out with three people and as of right now, I am up to 30.  I didn’t expect so many people to want in on this, but I am thrilled!

And what is even more amazing is that I am actually excited bout this!  There are really not that many things I can say that about these days.  But starting this new program, Get Healthy and Save Yourself, is exciting.  It really takes being a Self Saving Princess (or Prince!) to a whole new level for me.  Not only am I going to be able to get the support I need to succeed, but I can help others too.

Tonight and tomorrow I will be putting together my program into some kind of document, since it looks like this right now:

Program Notes

But Program Design is my bag.  I have worked in Training and Development for the past 13 years and I love making information accessible.  I will be providing this information to the members of my support group too, in case they would like to play along with me.  Maybe in the future this will become something more, but right now I am just excited to not feel so alone in my journey.

But journaling my thoughts and feelings is part of my personal journey, so here goes.  Today, I have been HAPPY.  I have enjoyed my work and my life more today than so many days in the past.  I have kept my eating clean and I feel good about that.  I haven’t added the exercise in just yet, unless you can burn calories screaming at rowdy puppies.  But if I am also keeping things honest, I have been physically jittery most of the day.  Not like I was on Monday where I seriously thought I was going to have another heart attack, but enough so that I definitely notice it.  Along with getting my eating under control, I need to be better about taking my medications early, before shit gets weird.  I am working on it.

Another part of my program is positive self-talk.  I find this is so important because we all have a tendency to notice more of the worst than the best in ourselves.  So here is my plan:

  • Three positive things about myself:  I am smart, I am funny, and I have the best fingernails (natural) of anyone I know.
  • Three positive things about the day:  I ate clean, I ran all my errands without freaking out, and I got my Welcome letter out to the support group participants.
  • Three positive things I will do tomorrow:  I will drink my Green Smoothie for breakfast, I will take the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy this gorgeous cool weather we have been having, and I will drink 100 oz of water.

I have a long way ahead of me (like the rest of my life), and I will never be perfect, but I will keep doing my very best to make my life what I want it to be.  I am the only one who can.

And just to make you smile too, take a look at my pups at play:

Pups at Play

Happy Tuesday!

**Update: Siri has informed me that it is actually Wednesday, not Tuesday.  This is a side effect of not going into an office every day – you have no clue what fucking day it is.  Clean Eating Tip: When you cut out processed carbs, your brain also goes fuzzy for a couple of days.  Don’t worry, it will pass.**

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