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Can Someone Hold This Ice Pick For a While??

I have suffered from mild to severe anxiety for as long as I can remember, and even before I knew what anxiety even was. I have a family history of anxiety. I remember several times as a teenager driving my … Continue reading

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Thankful and stuff

Alright, so somehow, November has snuck up on me again. I say it every year, but time is flying by at warp speed, and it drives me a little nuts. September punched me in the throat a bit, when I … Continue reading

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Holy Space Balls, Batman!!

I have some crazy talented friends in my circle of influence. One of those, my dear friend Ofelia, has been helping out designing some t-shirt ideas for my podcast, Nerdy Bitches (available on iTunes, if you have been living under … Continue reading

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I got so busy today I forgot to eat

These are words I have rarely ever uttered, and usually make me want to throat punch those who do.  But today, it actually happened to me.  Each time I realized that I had missed a meal time, I grabbed a … Continue reading

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But You Don’t LOOK Sick…

Oh, how many times I have heard this.  “You don’t look sick.”  I have heard it from friends, family, bosses, doctors, nurses, and random other assholes.  But I am sick, and I have been for a long time.  When I … Continue reading

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Six Years and a Million Smiles

Six years ago today, I was waiting.  Waiting rather impatiently, actually.  Twelve hours in an uncomfortable hospital chair waiting for her to arrive.  The room was crammed with our family, and some friends waiting on the arrival of my first … Continue reading

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2031: Whoop!

Yesterday, I broke 2,000 (2,031 to be exact) hits on this blog since I started it back at the end of November 2010.  I am so thrilled that people are enjoying what I have to say!  I would love to … Continue reading

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Happy Healthy New Year

Normally, at the beginning or ending of a new year, I like to do a little recap of that year.  This year, I have decided to spare my readers from reliving the angst.  Because this year is about getting better … Continue reading

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