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Alright, so last month I posted about my first month taking Plexus products to help improve my terrible health. Yesterday marked the end of my second month on the products, so I wanted to share how things have been going!

  • Sleeping like a freaking rock at night – I don’t even hear the dog crying to get out in the mornings anymore! Of course, that means my sweet hubby has to get up with her… 😉
  • While the number on the scale has not moved much at all, I am back to what I think is my base healthy weight. I have been so sick for so long that my metabolism had shut down completely, keeping me at a much lower number than I should have been and feeling like ass all the time.
  • BUT – I did lose two full inches in my belly (my biggest problem area!) in the past two months. I noticed the other day that the new, smaller shorts I bought at the beginning of June fit a lot better and weren’t nearly as tight as when I first started wearing them. Or as short – that extra belly bulk made them ride a little higher than I would have liked! Now, I can wear them in front of other humans without feeling self-conscious!
  • Blood sugars have stabilized – They aren’t perfect, but I am no longer having massive spikes and dips in my daily sugars.
  • I have pretty much lost my cravings for sugary treats (my go-to comfort food when stressed). My brain will still tell me that I want sugar, but now one small piece of sugar or sip of soda will quell the craving and my mind moves on. I have, instead, enjoyed much healthier treats like organic yogurt with crushed walnuts as an evening snack.
  • Fewer hospital trips than the previous few months. Yes, I have still had a couple of trips, but they haven’t been as long or severe. I am still working on my anxiety, but it is WORLDS better than it was, even a month ago. I am so happy that I am able to better deal with my anxiety and depression. I am not taking my anxiety meds twice a day anymore… I only take it when I need it (which isn’t often).
  • I am now off my blood pressure medication completely! After the first month, my pressure while on meds and Plexus was LOW, so the doctor told me to cut my Lisinopril in half. This month, I have been off it completely and haven’t had many issues with blood pressure at all.
  •  My skin (eczema and flaking) has cleared up. When I was 27, my skin changed from oily to super dry. I have been fighting redness and flaking for 11 years. All of that changed within three weeks of starting my Plexus products.
  • NO MORE SCIATIC PAIN!!! This was something that was damn near crippling me every morning to the point where I was seriously considering getting a walker to get from the bed to the bathroom in the morning until my back would support itself, which is awful considering I am only 38 years old, not 112! The funny thing is that I didn’t even notice that I wasn’t having the pain until I remembered that I used to have serious pain!! This is huge, and probably contributing to the better sleep at night.

So, even though I was a total skeptic and naysayer when I first heard about Plexus, I am now a believer. I did sign up last month for the discount, but by sharing my success with a few people, I have been able to share the secret to my success with a couple of friends and now they are having awesome results, too!

The funny thing is that my little sister was the one to tell me about Plexus, and of course, I ignored it for months. She ended up getting pregnant, so she stopped taking hers pretty early on, but kept telling me that it could be something that might help me. Once she saw my 30 day results, she ran to her OB (23 weeks pregnant) to see if she could safely take the products while pregnant. With the doctor’s blessing, she began taking the products a month ago, and as of yesterday, she has lost 10 pounds and 16.75″, all while progressing to 27 weeks pregnant with my niece! The baby is still growing and happy, and she is shrinking in the process. She isn’t feeling the horrible swelling and bloat after her 12-hour shifts as a nurse, so that is a huge win!

So, that is my tale. I am super happy with my results in the past 60 days, so I will keep this going. The energy and productivity I have every day is seriously something I have never had. I don’t procrastinate anymore, and I can get a ton done without feeling like I need a nap. The awesome thing is that it never feels like jittery energy – I am just awake, fully, for the first time, maybe ever.

If you want to learn more about these amazing products, you can check out my website HERE. It has great information about what each product does. They are all natural, so that makes me feel better.

My current products:

  • Plexus Slim
  • ProBio5
  • BioCleanse (Slim, ProBio5, and BioCleanse are called the Triplex and is the key to improving gut health!)
  • X-Factor multi-vitamin (seriously the greatest vitamin ever!)
  • Body Cream – this stuff is amazing, especially in softening my crazy dry, cracked heels. It also works wonders on stretch marks.
  • Fast Relief Capsules and Cream (now called Ease) – as needed

In the next month, I am adding Block to my regiment. More updates at 90 days! I am thrilled to be getting healthy from the inside out! If you want to learn more about how I am getting healthy and saving myself FROM MYSELF, please feel free to contact me at

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