Sleep – Table for One

Sleep.  You are an elusive bastard tonight.  Even though I took my Ambien.  I have been sleep eating and drinking for a few hours, but what I would really prefer is sleep SLEEPING.  I have much to do tomorrow, and it won’t help to have me dozing off all day.

I guess I am nervous about how things will go with the car tomorrow.  My dad and P are coming with me to look at the potential new Liz-mobile (to be named later), since I have no idea what I am doing.  I am also nervous about parting with a big wad of cash tomorrow.  I wasn’t anticipating getting a new car so soon, and hoped to have a little more put aside before I did.  Oh well.  My goal is to buy a car outright with no payments, and then trade up in a year or two.

I guess I am really taking the plunge into the world of adulthood, and I forgot to hold my nose.  There is so much to do!  I still need to sell my clunker, but feel bad because it really does need repairs for it to pass inspection.  I just don’t care to spend that much money on a car that still might break down a day or two later.

I did get an invite to a family function tomorrow, so that is something to look forward to.  Also, one of my favorite girlfriends invited me out for a Girls’ night tomorrow night!  I haven’t been out anywhere in forever, so it will be fun!  I just hope I can get the car situation figured out and done with before the events so I can participate.

I should really try to get some sleep, but it still seems to be eluding me.  Maybe I will just exercise instead.  That ought to wear me out!  I do still have a wedding coming up in 4 months… got to get to work on those abs and arms!

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